Workshop Reviews
Stephanie has a wide range of workshop attendees ranging from professionals in Fortune500 companies to non-profits to small business owners.  Her Workshop Participants Say:

I loved this workshop! Super informative, enjoyable, accessible. I just wish it were longer!
Participant, Chandler, AZ
"Your Brown Bag talk was one of the best, most concise & practical for entrepreneurs."
- Trudi, Chandler, AZ
“It [StrengthsPRO workshop] taught me that I have more value than I give myself credit.”
Participant, Chandler, AZ​
Words Used to Describe StrengthsPRO Workshops
​(from my "one word" post workshop feedback exercise):

"The discussion helped our team understand how we can work well together, leverage each of our strengths, and helped us practice our storytelling skills.."
- Angela, Chandler, AZ
" Your passion for StrengthsFinder provided an excellent experience and added value to our F2F and our work as a team."
- Catherine, Chandler, AZ
" Thank you so much! You are a Strengths Finder Wizard. Love your passion and value your high level of expertise."
- Lory, Chandler, AZ