Client Testimonials

Stephanie has a wide range of clients ranging from professionals in Fortune500 companies to non-profit directors to small business owners both in the US and around the globe.  Her Clients Say:

"Thank you for giving me permission to be vulnerable. It was like hearing me give myself permission."
- TH, Chandler, AZ
"The coaching provided was amazing! Stephanie was very engaging. She has an ability to name the problem and address it in a way that allows the client to feel valued and heard. Stephanie definitely has a natural talent for guiding people through a process of self development and discovery. I was contacted by a former employer <. . .> to take on a new position <. . .>. I am truly excited to take on this position and could have not had the courage to move on it if it wasnt for you! As a coach you were wonderful! It really allowed me to believe in myself once again. Thanks!"
- IL, Chandler, AZ
"I feel like I'm gaining my life back!"
- BG, Portland, OR
"Thank you Stephanie for providing the most enriching and energising feedback experience of my life. In my career as a Coach and Consultant, I have taken many a ‘top notch’ assessment and been debriefed by well trained feedback Coaches. I have come out of these sessions feeling drained, not appreciating my strengths or those in my team and life, and rather fully focused on my gaps or what they call ‘development areas’. Throughout our meeting I felt supported and not judged, but rather led from behind in the most elegant fashion. Going forward I feel purposeful, energised and curious to explore and become more of who I already am, and not feeling burdened by my gaps. As an avid learner, my orientation has always been to get caught up on what I lack and need to develop, instead of appreciating my strengths and leveraging them more in my life. In my relationship with others, I have not always been intentional about recognising the other’s unique strengths and contributions to bring out the best in them. Today you helped me break that cycle which tends to deteriorate into a downward spiral of lack in me and others. Thank you!! Across Continents, cultures and careers, you made the work of the assessment developers and my strengths come to life today. This must be truly what the developers intended with their work and more! You are a gift to coaching and your clients. I wish more coaches were more focused on strengths than they currently are, we would all be better for it."

Matlho Jennifer Kgosi 
Botswana National Productivity Centre, Botswana – Southern Africa