Team Boosting

Had enough of boring, silly or embarrassing team builders but want to get the team together for a meaningful yet fun time?  Then look no further than StrengthsPRO Team Boosting sessions!  For teams who want to share their talents, values and/or strengths with one another to foster a productive work environment through engaged team members.  Length of session varies based on team size but typical timeframe is 2-4 hours with full day sessions available.  Contact us for more info or to get started.

Accelerating Team Performance 

Build or boost team performance through StrengthsPRO's innovative program that includes a team needs assessment, training, and individual and team coaching.  Each program is customized to the needs of the team based on your goals and objectives.  Learn more on how to invest in your team today!

​Customize It!

If you know what you want and you know that StrengthsPRO is the one to provide it for your team or organ​​​ization, contact us and we'll work through the details.  We love creating customized programs to ensure you get exactly what you need.  Combine coaching, training, facilitating, and assessment services to Produce Radical Outcomes!

To Do

2. Watch Team Performance Soar!
1. Hire StrengthsPRO
Click here to see what StrengthsPRO clients say about our Programs
Click here to see what StrengthsPRO clients say about our Programs