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​​Manager to Leader Series

Three modules with three topics per module make this a comprehensive approach to management and early leadership.  The learning journey begins with setting the foundation of understanding your leadership style and a self-assessment of your management skills. The learning continues through the basics of vision and goal setting, monitoring and providing feedback, rewarding and managing performance, and developing teams, and more.  An individualized strengths-infused approach enhances this workshop which can be customized for very new managers to those needing a refresher.  1.5 - 3 days (modules are 2-4 hours each), customize with modular approach and add on follow-up coaching for maximum benefit. Learn More

Accelerating Team Performance 

Build or boost team performance through StrengthsPRO's innovative program that includes a team needs assessment, training, and individual and team coaching.  Each program is customized to the needs of the team, including timeframes which can vary from weeks to months.  Learn more on how to invest in your team today!

Project Kick Start

Need to hit the ground running on your critical project? Then get a kick start! A customized facilitation session (half to 1 day) with an experienced, efficient and energetic facilitator to get your team on the same page at the start of a big project.
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Customize It!

If you know what you want and you know that StrengthsPRO is the one to provide it for your team or organ​​​ization, contact us and we'll work through the details.  We love creating customized programs to ensure you get exactly what you need.  Combine coaching, training, facilitating, and assessment services to Produce Radical Outcomes!

See Speaking Page for information about signature speeches that are often given as workshops.

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An introductory workshop to introduce the key concepts of strengths-based development including: the benefits of strengths, understanding your personal asset profile, how to leverage your strengths for maximum performance and building a strengths application plan.  2-4 hours
The application of strengths to your professional partnerships (peers, managers, stakeholders, customers) can powerfully multiply your results.  This workshop will provide in-depth learning and practice of the 3 C's of partnering with strengths, techniques for spotting strengths, communication with a strengths lens and more.  Bonus: participants often see improvement in personal relationships as well!  2 hours
Learn the 4 domains of Strengths Based Leadership and how you can use your strengths leadership profile to create a leadership approach that matches your individual style and enhance team performance.  2-4 hours
This workshop covers how to navigate the peaks and valleys of your career journey.  Including how to reignite your passion for your job, making career transitions, your professional brand, communicating and influencing, and more.  A unique workshop due to its extensive question and answer component, allowing for real time answers to your career questions. 2-4 hr