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The Simple Dollar - this is not a traditional coaching site but Trent Hamm has a one of the most comprehensive blogs I have ever seen.  He writes on topics way beyond saving money and living a simple life such as personal development book reviews and lists of inspirational ideas.
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Strengths Finder and other strengths based books
Take the StrengthsFinder assessment online
Get your full 34 Talent Themes
StrengthsExplorer - Strengths Assessment for ages 10-14yrs
StrengthsQuest - Strengths Assessment for Students

StrengthsFinder (Gallup)
Strengths Resources
Other Strengths Assessments
Standout (Marcus Buckingham)
Realise2 (CAPP)
The Marcus Buckingham Company
Marcus Buckingham Career Intervention Workshop on Oprah
​Zengler Folkman
Leadership Assessment and Training​
CAPP Strengths Based Recruiting​ in Europe
Barrie Conchie  Co-Author of Strengths ​Based Leadership

Flashcard Machine - learn CSF and VIA strengths​​​​ with my cards
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